MDplates is a joint venture between Jordan Irazabal of Delaware, and Scott Zillmer of Maryland. The goal is to find and photograph every special organization plate that Maryland offers.

Letter: L

Type High Full Name
LB 0433 Live Baltimore Home Center
LBD 0039 Loyola High School
LC 0948 International Association of Lions Clubs
LCB   National Association of Letter Carriers
LD 0012 Duke Alumni
LE 1011 Maryland Law Enforcement Officer
LEA 0016 National Union of Law Enforcement Associations
LEM 0799 National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
LEM   National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (Motorcycle)
LEP 1315 Fraternal Order of Police Washington DC Lodge #1
LEW   Lewistown District Volunteer Fire Department
LF   La Plata Volunteer Fire Department
LFD   Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
LFR 0098 Lavale Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
LH 0071 Loyola High School
LIB 0003 Maryland Library Assoc
LIS 0056 Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
LLL 0029 La Leche League
LM   Maryland, Delaware & District of Columbia Moose Association
LMC   Lynx Motorcycle Club Inc
LMD 0054 Leadership Maryland
LN   First Marine Division Association
LOA 0338 Law Officers Association of Baltimore County
LOU 0037 The Camp Airy & Camp Louise Foundation Inc.
LOY 0512 Loyola College Alumni Association
LOY   Loyola University Maryland
LP 0111 Libertarian Party of Maryland
LPE 0167 Maryland Society of Professional Engineers
LPF 0023 Loudoun Career Firefighters Association
LPV   Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad
LR   Charles County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
LRR 0061 Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
LS 0002 Linkwood-Salem Volunteer Fire Company
LSM   Leadership Southern Maryland
LT   Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department
LTA 0043 Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.
LTU 0540 Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689
LU 0029 Lehigh University Alumni
LUV 0226 Montgomery County Humane Society, Inc.
LV   Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
LVR   Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad
LW 0171 University of Maryland M Club Foundation