MDplates is a joint venture between Jordan Irazabal of Delaware, and Scott Zillmer of Maryland. The goal is to find and photograph every special organization plate that Maryland offers.

Letter: M

Type High Full Name
MA   Moroccan American Society
MAA 0060 Maryland Arborist Association
MAR   Ferrari Club of America, Mid-Atlantic Region
MAS   Muslim American Society
MB 0420 Mercedes Benz Club of America, Inc.
MC 188 Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service
MC 0947 Montgomery County Police
MC   Marietta College Alumni Association
MCA 0057 Morehouse Alumni Association
MCC   Maryland Chevelle Club
MCD   McDonogh Alumni Association
MCM   Mustang Club of Maryland
MCP 0322 Montgomery County Police Association, Inc.
MD   Maryland Democratic Party
MD   University of Maryland Medical System
MDM 0365 Marking the Millennium
MDZ 0237 Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
ME   Marriage Encounter
MEBA 031 Marine Engineers Beneficial Association
MES 4149 Maryland's Eastern Shore
MES   Mid-Shore Community Foundation
MFA   Maryland Federation of Art
MFB   Maryland Farm Bureau, Inc.
MFC 0008 Community Fire Company of Millington
MFD 0010 Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department
MGN 0081 Maryland Gridiron Network
MGS   Maryland Geocaching Society
MH   Maryland Horsemen League
MH   Medal of Honor
MH   Medal of Honor (motorcycle)
MHB 0119 Maryland Horse Breeders Assoc.
MHS   Mercy High School
MHU   National Postal Mail Handlers Union
MI   Charles County Mobil Intensive Care Unit
Military-Related Plates
MIL 1014 United States Air Force
MIL   United States Air Force (motorcycle)
MIL 2354 United States Army - Female Veteran
MIL   United States Army (motorcycle)
MIL 4046 United States Coast Guard
MIL   United States Coast Guard (motorcycle)
MIL 0108 United States Marine Corps
MIL   United States Marine Corps (motorcycle)
MIL   United States Navy
MIL   United States Navy (motorcycle)
MIL 6348 Veteran U.S. Air Force
MIL   Veteran U.S. Air Force (motorcycle)
MIL 9591 Veteran U.S. Army
MIL   Veteran U.S. Army (motorcycle)
MIL 9140 Veteran U.S. Coast Guard
MIL   Veteran U.S. Coast Guard (motorcycle)
MIL 5371 Veteran U.S. Marine Corps
MIL   Veteran U.S. Marine Corps (motorcycle)
MIL 8492 Veteran U.S. Navy
MIL   Veteran U.S. Navy (motorcycle)
MIT   MIT Club of Washington
ML 0827 Marine Corps League
MLA   Maryland Locksmith Association
MLH 0056 Mace's Lane High School Alumni Association
MM   Mid Maryland Ford Club
MM   The Glen L Martin Aviation Museum
MMG   University of Maryland - Maryland Cooperative Extension
MMG 0169 University of Maryland Master Gardeners
MML   Maryland Municipal League
MMP   International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots
MN   National Association of Retired Federal Employees
MOC   Military Order of the Cootie and Auxiliary
MOH 0039 Miami University Alumni Assoc.
MOS   Maryland Ornithological Society
MPC   Maryland Press Club
MPT 0020 Maryland Public Television
MR 0028 US Marine Corps Reserve
MRO   ABATE of Maryland, Inc.
MRO   ABATE of Maryland, Inc. (motorcycle)
MRS   Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
MRU   Marshall University Alumni Association
MS   Baltimore Area Alumni Association, Inc. of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
MSA 0206 Maryland Society of Accountants, Inc.
MSB   Maple Springs Baptist Church
MSC 0039 Maryland Science Center
MSF   Maryland State Fair
MSI 0061 Maryland Swimming, Inc.
MSJ 0377 Mount St. Joseph Alumni
MSL 2365 ???
MSM 0026 Mount St. Mary's University
MSP 1355 Maryland State Police Alumni Association
MSS   Maryland Society of Surveyors, Inc
MST 0079 Michigan State University
MSU 0099 Morgan State University (old style)
MSU 0497 Morgan State University National Alumni Association, Inc.
MT   Middletown Volunteer Fire Company
MTA   Maryland Troopers Association
MTN   The Greater Cumberland Committee
MU 0004 St. Mary's County ALS Unit
MUO   Miami University Alumni Association
MV 0044 Mardela Springs Volunteer Fire Company
MVD   Marion Fire Department
MW 0073 Maryland State Wrestling Association
MWA 0223 Maryland Watermen's Association, Inc.
MWPH 001 Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital
MWR 0066 Maryland Westie Rescue, Inc.
MX   Mid - Atlantic Motor X
MY   Myersville Volunteer Fire Department
MYC 0138 Miles River Yacht Club