MDplates is a joint venture between Jordan Irazabal of Delaware, and Scott Zillmer of Maryland. The goal is to find and photograph every special organization plate that Maryland offers.

Letter: R

Type High Full Name
RAM   Southern Garrett Athletic Association
RAV 6869 Ravens All Community Team Foundation
RB   Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
RBC 0115 Rosedale Baptist Church
RBF 0009 Rooted Bible Fellowship Church
RC 0003 Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company No. 24
RCP   MDDC Society for Respiratory Care
RD   Ridge Volunteer Fire Department
RDG   Rolling Road Golf Club
RE 1151 Maryland Association of Realtors, Inc.
RET   Retired Enlisted Association Chesapeake Chapter 24
RF   Bowie Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.
RFD   Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company
RFF 0163 Anne Arundel County Retired Fire Fighters Association
RFL 0005 American Cancer Society
RG 1094 NASA Goodard Employees Welfare Association
RGY 0024 Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department
RHV 0006 Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Co.
RI 0418 Rotary International
RIT   Rochester Institute of Technology
RK   Red Knights International Motorcycle Club
RL 0009 Choptank River Lighthouse
RM 0002 Community Fire Company of Rising Sun Inc.
RME 0091 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
RMS   The Former Students and Friends of Robert Moton School, Inc.
RN 2921 Maryland Nurses Association
RO 0077 Reserve Officers Anne Arundel County Police Department
ROA   Reserve Officers Association of the US
ROJ 0116 Royal Order of Jesters
ROW 0007 Baltimore Rowing Club
RP   Roland Park Country School
RPF 0085 Retired DC Police & Firemen
RQ 0040 Days End Farm Horse Rescue
RR 0217 Council of Baltimore Ravens
RS 0164 Baltimore County Retired Fire Officers and Fire Fighters
RSC   Ranger Social Club
RSQ 0082 Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc.
RT   Maryland Society of Radiologic Technologists
RTL 0345 Maryland Right To Life, Inc.
RTR 0068 University of Alabama
RU 0072 Rutgers University Alumni Relations
RUN 0817 Road Runners Club of America
RV 0095 Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
RW 0155 Georgia Tech Alumni Association
RX 0025 Maryland Pharmaceutical Association