MDplates is a joint venture between Jordan Irazabal of Delaware, and Scott Zillmer of Maryland. The goal is to find and photograph every special organization plate that Maryland offers.

Letter: W

Type High Full Name
WA   Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WAS   Westminster Astronomical Society
WB   Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
WBC   Washington Bible College
WBT   Washington DC Building & Construction Trades Council
WC 334 Washington College
WC   Willards Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WD 0030 Worcester County Fire Police
WE 0211 Auburn University
WF   Williamsport Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WFP   Washington County Fire Police
WFU 0042 Wake Forest University
WFV   West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
WG 0041 Gold Wing Road Riders Association
WG   Gold Wing Road Riders Association (motorcycle)
WH 0024 Ovarian Cancer Awareness
WHS 0080 Western High School Alumnae Assoc
WI   Sharptown Fire Department
WIN 0031 Seneca Valley High School
WK   Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WL   West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc.
WLD 0024 Wildlife Forever
WLU 0022 Washington and Lee University Alumni Association
WM   White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WMC   Western Maryland College Alumni Association
WMR   Western Maryland Railway Historical Society, Inc.
WMS 0019 Williams College
WN 0028 Maryland DAR 1892
WOL 0044 White Oak Laboratory Alumni Association, Inc.
WOW   Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company
WP   Middle River Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
WP 213 West Point Society of DC & the National Capital Region
WPS 0032 Worcester Preparatory School
WR 0004 Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
WRI 0067 Westie Rescue, Inc
WS   West River Sailing Club
WSF 0004 West Side Fire Dept. #12
WSS 0021 Winston-Salem State University
WSW 0023 Women Supporting Women, Inc
WU   Widener University
WV 0003 Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
WVU 0020 West Virginia University (No logo)
WVU 0601 West Virginia University Alumni Association, Inc.
WW   Water & Waste Operators Association, Inc.
WWH   Walt Whitman High School
WWV   World War II Veteran
WZ 0056 Washington Wizards